Cleveland Cavaliers, one of the NBA teams, signed a one-year non-guaranteed contract with 2.26-meter center Tacko Fall, who played for the Boston Celtics for 2 seasons.

All of Kobe Bryant's Career Injuries

Kobe Bryant was one of the most popular players in the NBA. In his 20 years in the league, he has created a legacy that no one will forget. But it had a costly side to it.Throughout his career, Bryant has suffered numerous injuries. Some were minor, while others were not so severely injured. Despite this, he always had an unmatched work ethic and the will to never admit defeat.

LeBron: “My Greatest Achievement Is Being A Dad.”

Los Angeles Lakers superstar player, living legend LeBron James has announced that his greatest achievement in life is "becoming a father".


13 Basketball Rules - James Naismith

The rules were played inside a game that was unrelated. Unfortunately, after 100 years, those who enjoy basketball will recognize it as the same sport. Others, despite the new rules, still form the heart of the game.


Russell Westbrook adapted for the NBA

Wearing the Washington Wizards jersey, Russell Westbrook became the new holder of the American Basketball League (NBA) record, making the 182nd "triple double" of his career in the Atlanta Hawks, which they lost 125-124.


Hawks and Knicks make history in the NBA

In the NBA, Atlanta Hawks secured 4, New York Knicks secured play-offs after 8 years. Cleveland Cavaliers, on the other hand, defeated Boston Celtics 102-94 in the match that Cedi Osman did not take part due to his injury.


Jaylen Brown closed the season

In the NBA, Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown closed the season.


Harden returns with a double-double after 18 games

In the NBA, Brooklyn Nets beat San Antonio Spurs 128-116, while James Harden returned after 18 games.


LeBron James' player card sold for $ 5.2 million!

According to the statement made by the auction platform PWCC, the card belonging to the "Exquisite Rookie Patch" series offered by Upper Deck was sold to a collector who wanted anonymity.


Mike James stays in the NBA

Mike James, who has drawn a successful chart with Brooklyn Nets, remains in the NBA.