Who is Emma Raducanu

The 18-year-old British athlete, who spent most of this year playing tennis and attending school, was just taking the final exams in math and economics until five months ago. He just got his driver's license.

While Raducanu was 361st in the world ranking, he was in the last 16 at the Wimbledon court, where he appeared for the first time.

In July, he reached the fourth round of the Wimbledon tournament, becoming the youngest English player to reach that position in 42 years. Raducanu was signaling what he could achieve.

The British athlete said that he does not expect to make it to the finals of the US Open Tennis Tournament (US Open). As his gains in matches increased rapidly, he had to cancel his flight ticket, which he bought earlier.

Emma Raducanu is the daughter of a Chinese mother and a Romanian father. Born in Canada, he moved to England with his family at the age of 2. Raducanu's mother is Chinese and her father is Romanian. True in Canada but moved to London at age 2.

Raised in London, she practiced ballet, horse riding, swimming, basketball and even go-karting before enrolling at the age of 5 at Bromley Tennis Academy in southeast London. Raducanu's burgeoning talent had begun to enthrall tennis experts before his glory took over the world.

Raducanu says his playstyle was influenced by Simona Halep and Li Na. In an interview he gave in 2020, the British player said, "I wanted to be athletic like Aleppo. And Li Na. I am a huge fan of the game. He has very strong hits. I love his mentality. I want to be like Ven."

The young actor has shown what a strong mindset he has in recent months. "I don't feel pressure to win. The pressure is on oneself. I have expectations from the level I've reached and the performance I want to show, but there is no pressure for the results," Raducanu said before the final.

Recently, a group of famous British names shared a song praising Raducanu on social media. Former Oasis member Liam Gallagher called Raducanu a "divine talent", while former English football player Gary Lineker said it was "enjoyable" to watch Raducanu.

In the final of the US Open Tennis Tournament, Raducanu faces another tennis prodigy, Canadian Laylah Fernandez. Fernandez's father was also a part of Ecuador's national football team.Fernandez also recently turned 19 years old.

Despite all the similarities, Raducanu avoided comparisons and focused on his game, living in the moment.

Emma Raducanu expressed this in his statement when he reached the semi-finals:

"For me, comparing yourself and your results with others is the biggest thief of happiness. Everyone is doing their own thing. So, I didn't race for 18 months, but now I'm here. That means anything is possible if you believe in yourself."

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