What Are the Rules of Football?

So, what are the rules of football? What are the football rules and field measurements information in articles? Here is all the information about football rules.

Time in football consists of two halves. First, 45 minutes are played as the first half and 45 minutes as the second half. In some final matches, if 90 minutes ends in a draw, therefore, if there is a match where the winner must be determined, 2 extra periods of 15 minutes are added. In this way, the total duration of the match reaches 120 minutes. At the same time, the referee determines the time not played in the game and the time determined by the football referee is added additionally.In football, every team has the right to change players.

Two teams compete and both teams have the right to change 3 players in total. This substitution right is not mandatory but completely optional.There are a total of 4 referees in a football match. The referee, also called the main referee, manages most of the match. At the same time, there are two referees, one in the right corner and one in the left corner, to determine the offside rule in the match.

These referees are only the referee who is responsible for determining the offside. The 4th referee in the match, that is, the last referee, is the referee who determines the substitutions and additional time in the match.In football, referees have the power to punish players. Players who foul their opponent are penalized according to the severity of the foul. If the foul is of moderate severity, a yellow card is sanctioned.

A player who receives two yellow cards is then shown a red card and is penalized. The player who receives a direct red card is thrown directly.The field size in football is rectangular. The football field is 45 meters in width and 90 meters in length. The height must be between 90 and 120 meters.If a player is ahead of the opposing player at the time of scoring, it is offside and the game is stopped.

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