Real Madrid statement from Ronaldo

"I'm breaking my silence now to say that I won't let people continue to play with my name. I'm ready to continue to focus on my career and business and face any challenges I have to face," Ronaldo said on his official social media account. used the phrases.

Emphasizing that everyone who knows him knows that he only focuses on his job, and that he continues his career with the philosophy of "less words, more work", Ronaldo said, "It is disrespectful to all clubs, footballers and individuals involved in the allegations, writing news about my future in a despicable way rather than not respecting me as a football player or a person. " said.

Ronaldo continued his statement as follows:

"I wrote my history in Real Madrid. It has been recorded with words, numbers, cups, records. It is in the museum of the Bernabeu Stadium and in the minds of the club fans. Beyond what I have achieved in 9 years, it is a deep love and respect based on the deep love and respect I have received from the purple and white fans and will always live on. I know that I will always have a place in the hearts of real Real Madrid fans and they will be in my heart."

Stating that his name is mentioned with many clubs in different leagues in other media as well as the allegations in the Spanish press, the Portuguese football player criticized the news being written about him "without worrying about trying to find the truth".

In the news in the Spanish press for the last week, it was claimed that coach Carlo Ancelotti wanted Ronaldo, Real Madrid club management approved this and the Portuguese football player was also warm to the transfer.

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