Football Rules and Field Measures in Items.Football is one of the most played sports in the world. Football is very popular in our country. For this reason, those who want to play football and those who are new to this sport also do football rules research. Football is a sport with important rules. Football rules have been continuously researched in recent months. So, what are the rules of football? What are the football rules and field measurements information in articles? Here is all the information about football rules.



The Champions League, an organization managed by UEFA, that is, the Union of European Football Associations, was first organized in 1955. However, it was an organization known as the European Champion Clubs Cup at that time. As a result of the UEFA congresses held in Vienna and London in these years, a cup organization to be held with the participation of the champions of each team, which will be held with the double-match elimination method, was considered. The first match of the European Champion Clubs Cup was played between Sporting CP and Partizan on September 4 for the 1955-56 season.


Ronaldo to stay in Juventus

It was claimed that Ronaldo, whose contract with Juventus will expire in 2022, will stay in Italy next season and then return to his old club Sporting Lisbon, where he grew up from his infrastructure. This decision of the 36-year-old superstar who wants to play until the age of 40 is among the news that his family also supports.