10 Unknown Facts About Messi

It is a known fact that Messi came to Barcelona because he needed a special hormone treatment. If we look behind the scenes, in fact, all the expenses of this treatment were covered by the Social Security Institution in Argentina, and Messi's signing for Barcelona was thanks to the outstanding efforts of two managers, Soldini and Montero. Most people do not even know their names, as the Argentine cut off relations with these two football men at an early age.It is very thought-provoking that Messi, one of the highest-paid football players in the world these days, forgets the two people who brought him to this club.

Soldini and Montero have not earned a single penny from the star player they brought to Barcelona at the age of 13 by covering all travel and hotel expenses.Soldini gave Messi an orange and a tennis ball and said he would come back in a week, study well and record himself on tape. In the tape sent to Barcelona, Messi managed to bounce the orange 113 times and the tennis ball 120 times.

Argentine, who met with Barcelona officials in a short time, connected himself to the Catalan club with his signature on a paper towel.According to rumors, in Barça, which is in bad shape financially, the coaches made a great effort to tie the young player to their colors.Since arriving at Barcelona at the age of 13, Messi has rarely been seen speaking Catalan.The star player, who never left his Argentine accent, was only seen speaking Catalan during the championship celebrations. Probably drunk.

he vast majority think that Messi, who came to Spain at the age of 13, forgot his country.Although he was invited by the Spanish Football Federation at a young age, he chose his homeland. His country and family mean everything to him. In fact, he proves his love every time by pointing every goal he scores to the sky and gifting it to his deceased grandmother.It is a well-known fact that Messi, who does not forget his grandmother who died when he was only 10 years old, is devoted to his mother. The Argentinian carries a tattoo of his mother on his left shoulder.

Messi, who came to Spain at an early age, was not well known in Argentina. When he was first invited by the Under-20 National Team, the name on the list sent by the Argentine Football Federation really confirmed this: 'Leonel Mecci'Messi, who shined during the Pep Guardiola era, had a major addiction at that time: Coca-Cola.Worried about this situation of his student, Guardiola entrusted Leo to the hands of a physiotherapist named Juanjau Brau.

The Spanish coach, who removed all soda machines in La Masia, thus prevented Messi from reaching his favorite drink, coca-cola.Messi has a sponsorship deal with Pepsi these days.Messi has a different structure from other people. Most people describe it as a closed box. Who doesn't like to talk much and doesn't like to be under someone's shadow.Because of this feature, Barcelona had to part ways with many star players. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who is carrying Paris Saint-Germain at the moment, and Samuel Eto'o, who scored that famous goal that brought Barça the Champions League title, have their share of this situation.

Spanish was introduced to the word 'inmessionante' thanks to Messi. This word, a term denoting the Argentine's style of play, was added to the lexicon entirely in reference to Messi.The star player does not have a manager. Yes, you heard right. The Messi family, who founded a company themselves, holds the naming rights of the Argentinean. His father and brother are the names involved in the management of the company.

Since they do not have a fully professional structure, they work with Pablo Negre as media relations and marketing consultants.While on hormone therapy, Messi had to get a good night's sleep in order to regenerate his cells. Today, however, he goes out to train, eats, plays and sleeps. His sister expresses this situation with these words: "He is not happy with him while he is sleeping. When you tell him to get up, he gets angry right away."People close to Messi confirm this. For the Argentine, who slept more than 12 hours a day, even the Barcelona administration sought medical support in time.

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