Barcelona's debt is 1 billion 350 million euros

Laporta, who was elected president in Barcelona last March, held a press conference at the Nou Camp Stadium to clarify the economic problems experienced by the club.

Noting that the Catalan club has a debt of 1 billion 350 million euros as of June 31, and more than 600 million euros of this is to the banks, Laporta said that the financial problems they experienced were "The economic situation is mixed, very difficult, dramatic." he considered.

The President of the Barcelona Club noted that as soon as they took office, they had to ask for an additional loan of 80 million euros from the banks, and that they only paid the salaries of the athletes and employees in this way.

Laporta, who claimed that Josep Maria Bartomeu, who was the club president in 2014-2020 and resigned with the board of directors in October 2020, was responsible for the economic problems of the club, said that "disproportionate payments were made and the club was unnecessarily long-term indebted" during the former management period.

"As we presented to the La Liga institution, we have a loss of 468 million euros this year, of which 91 million euros is related to the Kovid-19 outbreak." "Our payments this year are 553 million euros more than our receivables. That's a lot of money and it shows what kind of situation we are facing," said Laporta. used the phrases.

Evaluating the statements of football players Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba that they agreed to reduce their salaries, Laporta stated that he was pleased with this and hopes to set an example for other football players.

Noting that he has good news despite the economic situation he described as "dramatic", Laporta said, "The fact that we present a 6-point strategic plan based on our reliability and experience and that Barcelona has important assets makes this situation temporary." he said.

Barcelona Club President, "We are all tightening the belt. We have 1.5 years to breathe. We foresee a healthy economy for the club in two years." made its assessment.

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